Fleet management

Our corporate solutions are mainly aimed for companies which require fleet management services in their daily operations. Our service combines the tracking device with a web-based cloud software designed for fleet managers. Our typical corporate client has a fleet of cars, taxis, trucks, snowmobiles or mobile workers and can achieve substantial cost savings in logistics planning and tracking of the fleet.

Business areas which often have the most to gain from efficient fleet management include:

  • Transportation
  • Vehicle and machinery rental companies
  • Service and maintenance companies
  • Security
  • Logistics

Fully integrated hosted corporate solution

Our fully integrated hosted solution which combines the device with the software will improve efficiency via enabling optimal use of the entire fleet. Fleet management solution leads to immediate direct cost savings resulting from improved driving habits and increase customer satisfaction as a result of quicker customer response times.

Following brochures describe our fleet management solutions for corporations and tracking service providers:

We can also offer the solution including connectivity (i.e. data SIM cards). Our financing model enables setting up the solution with zero pre-investment (always subject to credit approval).