Tramigo is a privately held company headquartered in Finland and subsidiaries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. Tramigo Ltd designs and manufactures cutting edge asset and personal tracking devices that are secure and easy to use for both companies and consumers alike. Tramigo products are globally available. Tramigo’s goal is to create the best hardware devices aiming at easy-to-use consumer experience, high value for money and reliability. The cornerstone of Tramigo’s competitiveness is the long in-house value chain which include R&D, manufacturing, logistics and full aftersales support. M2M Solutions is a distributor of Tramigo in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark and we are proud to use their leading GPS tracking device and utilize its exclusive landmark concept in our customer solutions. M2MS has also played an instrumental role in developing the new Cloud software which will be launched in 2015 to our and Tramigo’s clients alike. Together we bring to the Nordic markets a unique and cost-efficient tracking hardware and software solution of quality, reliability, security and user-friendliness.

Tramigo has a partnership in M2M vehicle tracking solutions with Deutsche Telekom who has been supporting small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide with real-time tracking of their vehicle fleets since July 2013.

M2M Solutions is distributor of the Tramigo devices.