Tramigo T22 Moto

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Reliable GPS motorcycle tracker

Motorcycle tracker Tramigo T22 Moto offers safety and peace-of-mind for bike owners without monthly fees. Get alarms immediately to your mobile phone if your motorcycle moves without your permission or the bike moves in unauthorized areas. Tramigo T22 Moto sends GPS position to your mobile phone via SMS and free offline tracking software M1 Move is available for mobile and tablet use.

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GPS motorcycle tracker


GPS motorcycle tracker which uses SMS to send SOS, motion, speed and zone crossing reports.


Microphone and power cables for fixed installation (both included in the sales box).


Fixed installation to 12V power source recommended.


Wide language selection including English, Spanish, French, German, Finnish and Swedish.

TLDLandmarks (TLD)

TLD makes possible understanding real-time location without the Internet. Embedded in every Tramigo tracking device.


Motorcycle tracker with lowest defect rate in the industry with 2-year warranty. Global & local customer support in multiple languages.

GPS motorcycle tracker

Buy GPS motorcycle tracker Tramigo T22 Moto which enables you to always know the location of your motorcycle. Get alarms immediately to your mobile phone if your motorcycle moves without your permission. The tracker has sensitive built-in motion sensor and you will receive an alert via SMS if someone tampers with your motorcycle. We do not charge any monthly fees for the use of Tramigo T22 Moto so get your GPS motorcycle tracker now, insert your SIM card and your motorcycle is protected!

Motorcycle tracker Tramigo T22 Moto is easy to install to any motorcycle, can be fully hidden and powered by the bike’s 12V battery. The device can be fully controlled via mobile phone and you can receive alerts and reports wherever you are. The motorcycle tracker has an integrated GPS receiver and communicates with mobile phones over the GSM network via SMS. Free tracking software for mobile phones and tablets M1 Move is available for Apple, Android and Blackberry users and the rest can track their motorcycles using normal SMS messages. You can grant access to the tracker location and alert information to your friends and family which can be invaluable in case of emergency.

Motorcycle tracker Tramigo T22 Moto comes with a sales box include power cables, microphone and protective installation casing. Tramigo GPS motorcycle tracker, see more details from manufacturer’s website.

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changeable, Li-Polymer rechargeable internal back-up battery


Rugged weatherproof casing

Tramigo T22 tracking devices can be used with:

  • Text messages (SMS) with any mobile phone
  • m1Move  Tramigo M1 Move – smart phone application

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